our mission

The Center promotes the pursuit of choice, growth, and personal independence for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
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At the center of it all…

…Choice. Growth. Independence. These three core principles drive our mission at The Center and for over six decades have empowered individuals with developmental disabilities to live dignified lives filled with opportunities for growth within an enriched, nurturing community. Since its inception in 1950 , The Center’s underlying belief, that those with intellectual disabilities were capable of leading fulfilling lives when their personal agency was respected and they received

the tools necessary for individual growth, has fundamentally changed the lives of persons with developmental disabilities. Ever growing and changing, The Center currently serves over 600 individuals through a wide array of dynamic programs and services tailored to the varied needs of the individuals and families we serve. Each day and in each program we witness breakthroughs, tender moments and everyday victories that affirm our steadfast commitment to our guiding principles and the humanity within us all.