Employment Services

At The Center, we strive to promote the choice, growth, and personal independence outlined in our mission by supporting the full participation of adults with I/DD in community work life. This starts by helping our clients to find meaningful, community-based work that pays a competitive wage and providing them the support and resources necessary to succeed in those roles.

The Center offers employment programs tailored to the needs of each client to help all of the people we serve to achieve their personal definitions of career success.


Supported Employment

The Center’s Supported Employment program provides customized employment planning and assistance for individuals with I/DD. Our primary goal is to help our clients find success in competitive, integrated employment in areas of their interest. We provide guidance through every stage of our clients’ employment journey with services like:

• Detailed employment assessments
• Personalized counseling
• Employment Plans
• Job coaching
• Long-term support and follow-up

While many supported employment programs exist, The Center is distinctive in its focus on serving those with intellectual and developmental disabilities specifically. Clients and their families often express frustration at being overlooked for positions due to misconceptions—by employers and supported employment specialists alike—about hiring employees whose disabilities have an intellectual component. At The Center, we have high expectations for all of our clients. We are dedicated to changing the employment landscape for adults with I/DD by helping our clients embrace and demonstrate their professional abilities.

If you have questions regarding our Supported Employment Program, please contact Frank Higginbotham at 713.525.8303 or fhigginbotham@thecenterhouston.org.


Pre-Vocational Training

Part of what makes our employment programs so special is their partnership with The Center’s pre-vocational training program. The goal of this program is to prepare adults with I/DD for future success in community-based employment. In a work-like environment, clients learn universally applicable workplace skills such as appropriate professional behavior, interpersonal communication, fulfilling responsibilities, time management, and more. When they are ready, clients can transition seamlessly into one of our employment programs within a program structure with which they are already familiar. To learn more about this program, please visit our Day Services page.


For information on enrolling in our Employment Services programs, please visit our admissions page.