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Vocational Victories

“I am proud that my last check was over $100 and I am learning to budget my money.” – David

Training for Life

The Center’s vocational training program is a multi-tiered program provided to over 250 adults with developmental disabilities offering pre-vocational, vocational and employment training based on the individual needs and personal goals of the participants. Individualized training prepares many trainees for community-based employment with companies like Kroger and TJ Maxx, while others find opportunities through The Center’s in-house employment training programs that include: Momentum Industries, Cullen Caners, and Lawn and Landscaping Services.

The multi-tiered program design allows for individuals to train at their pace, set goals for employment and acquire valuable skills that contribute to their overall growth and development. The sense of pride and accomplishment felt by program participants does more than prepare them for employment, it prepares them for life by teaching skills that guide their personal choices and promote independence.

Visit the Momentum Industries website to learn more about the program, to request our services, or to order handmade crafts from The Center’s online store.