Transitions Curriculum Program

The transformation from living at home with parents or guardians to living independently is a new experience that requires the development of certain competencies crucial for independence. The Center’s Behavioral Services department offers counseling and therapy services as well as a Transitions Curriculum Program (TCP) to address the challenges and concerns often faced by young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities taking this monumental step. Topics include:

Living on Your Own

  • Saving Money
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Creating a Budget Based on Income
  • Solving Transportation Issues
  • Smart Shopping Skills
  • Planning Leisure Activities on a Budget
  • Making Adjustments to Your Budget
  • Solving Money Problems

Participating in Your Community

  • Being a Responsible Community Member
  • Finding Information Online
  • Joining A Community Organization
  • Developing a Support System
  • Accessing Community Services
  • Contacting Organizations & Agencies
  • Identifying Transportation Resources

Cooperative Living Training

  • Borrowing & Lending
  • Sharing Common Areas & Respecting Privacy
  • Community Awareness & Personal Safety
  • Consumer Skills
  • Solving Problems & Conflicts

Maintaining a Healthy Life

  • Choosing Healthy Habits
  • Knowing Your Physical & Mental Health Needs
  • Maintaining a Healthy Diet & Weight
  • Learning About Food Groups & Labels
  • Learning Unhealthy Habits to Avoid
  • Learning to Avoid Illegal Drugs
  • Learning About the Dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Learning How Unhealthy Habits Affect Employment

Topics not outlined in this curriculum can be addressed in individual counseling provided by a Licensed Professional Counselor at The Center.

This optional program is offered to individuals in the community with intellectual and developmental disabilities regardless of their current residential status. Candidates may still be living at home but considering becoming more independent, or already living on their own but seeking to strengthen their competencies.

The TCP is delivered in a group/classroom setting at The Center with visual supports in the form of DVD vignettes as well as instruction provided by The Center’s Residential and Behavioral Services team. The objective of the TCP is to instill in our participants a sense of greater independence, self-reliance, accessibility, dignity, good decision-making, fiscal responsibility, and confidence when participating in the community. Participants will set personal growth goals in all units.

The TCP runs for 10 months on a perpetual basis. Individuals may start at the beginning of any unit topic. After finishing all program material, individuals receive a certificate showing that they have completed training in these major components that will assist in successful community living.

For information on enrolling in our Transitions Curriculum Program, please visit our admissions page.